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BIBLIOTEKA NAUKOWA: można wypożyczyć sygn. S-10134/1; S-1556/2 - S-1556/4; S-1556/6; S-1556/8 - S-1556/9; S-1556/14; S-1556/16; S-1556/21 - S-1556/23; S-1556/26; S-1556/29 - S-1556/30; S-1556/35; S-1556/37 - S-1556/38; S-1556/40; S-1556/45; S-1556/48 - S-1556/49; S-1556/52; S-1556/61; S-1556/63; S-1556/67; S-1556/69; S-1556/74; S-1556/79; S-1556/85 - S-1556/86; S-1556/91; S-1556/96; S-1556/98; S-1556/101; S-1556/103; S-1556/105 - S-1556/106; S-1556/112 - S-1556/113; S-1556/115 - S-1556/116; S-1556/119; S-1556/123 - S-1556/124; S-1556/127 - S-1556/129; S-1556/132 - S-1556/134; S-1556/140; S-1556/143; S-1556/154; S-1556/156 - S-1556/159; S-1556/162; S-1556/173; S-1556/177; S-1556/179; S-1556/181; S-1556/185; S-1556/191 - S-1556/192; S-1556/198; S-1556/206 - S-1556/207; S-1556/210; S-1556/214 - S-1556/215; S-1556/222 - S-1556/223; S-1556/232 - S-1556/233; S-9898/1; 10079 - 10083; (82 egz.)
Czytelnia: tylko na miejscu sygn. S-1556/55; (1 egz.)
There are copies available to loan: sygn. S-10134/1, S-9898/1, S-1556/233, S-1556/232, S-1556/223, S-1556/222, S-1556/215, S-1556/214, S-1556/210, S-1556/207, S-1556/206, S-1556/198, S-1556/192, S-1556/191, S-1556/185, S-1556/181, S-1556/179, S-1556/177, S-1556/173, S-1556/162, S-1556/159, S-1556/158, S-1556/157, S-1556/156, S-1556/154, S-1556/143, S-1556/140, S-1556/134, S-1556/133, S-1556/132, S-1556/129, S-1556/128, S-1556/127, S-1556/124, S-1556/123, S-1556/119, S-1556/116, S-1556/115, S-1556/113, S-1556/112, S-1556/106, S-1556/105, S-1556/103, S-1556/101, S-1556/98, S-1556/96, S-1556/91, S-1556/86, S-1556/85, S-1556/79, S-1556/74, S-1556/69, S-1556/67, S-1556/63, S-1556/61, S-1556/52, S-1556/49, S-1556/48, S-1556/45, S-1556/40, S-1556/38, S-1556/37, S-1556/35, S-1556/30, S-1556/29, S-1556/26, S-1556/23, S-1556/22, S-1556/21, S-1556/16, S-1556/14, S-1556/9, S-1556/8, S-1556/6, S-1556/4, S-1556/3, S-1556/2, 10083, 10082, 10081, 10080, 10079 (82 egz.)
Copies are only available in the library: sygn. S-1556/55 (1 egz.)
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