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BIBLIOTEKA NAUKOWA: można wypożyczyć sygn. S-9897/1; S-1514/5 - S-1514/12; S-1514/36; S-1514/41; S-1514/43; S-1514/56; S-1514/66; S-1514/69 - S-1514/70; S-1514/75; S-1514/79; S-1514/86; S-1514/88; S-1514/91; S-1514/94 - S-1514/95; S-1514/223 - S-1514/224; S-1514/221; S-1514/206; S-1514/21; S-1514/203; S-1514/197 - S-1514/198; S-1514/190; S-1514/186 - S-1514/187; S-1514/170; S-1514/18; S-1514/161; S-1514/16; S-1514/150 - S-1514/151; S-1514/147 - S-1514/148; S-1514/144; S-1514/136; S-1514/130 - S-1514/134; S-1514/121; S-1514/118; S-1514/116; S-1514/106; S-1514/104; S-1514/1 - S-1514/3; 10076 - 10078; 10074; (61 egz.)
Czytelnia: tylko na miejscu sygn. 10075; (1 egz.)
There are copies available to loan: sygn. S-9897/1, S-1514/224, S-1514/223, S-1514/221, S-1514/206, S-1514/203, S-1514/198, S-1514/197, S-1514/190, S-1514/187, S-1514/186, S-1514/170, S-1514/161, S-1514/151, S-1514/150, S-1514/148, S-1514/147, S-1514/144, S-1514/136, S-1514/134, S-1514/133, S-1514/132, S-1514/131, S-1514/130, S-1514/121, S-1514/118, S-1514/116, S-1514/106, S-1514/104, S-1514/95, S-1514/94, S-1514/91, S-1514/88, S-1514/86, S-1514/79, S-1514/75, S-1514/70, S-1514/69, S-1514/66, S-1514/56, S-1514/43, S-1514/41, S-1514/36, S-1514/21, S-1514/18, S-1514/16, S-1514/12, S-1514/11, S-1514/10, S-1514/9, S-1514/8, S-1514/7, S-1514/6, S-1514/5, S-1514/3, S-1514/2, S-1514/1, 10078, 10077, 10076, 10074 (61 egz.)
Copies are only available in the library: sygn. 10075 (1 egz.)
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